Mission Viejo Core Area Vision Plan

A Vision based on extensive public input.
Creates a walkable village, a paseo, and an entry that connects to Oso Creek and Trail.
Preserves Mission Viejo’s quality of life.

On March 28, 2017 the City Council approved the Core Area Vision Plan, designed to enhance the heart of Mission Viejo.  Based on extensive resident and property owner input, the vision provides a framework for open space; connecting to Oso Creek; creating a central gathering place; enhancing community aesthetics; creating a walkable village; and connecting our civic and retail core to more restaurants, shops and cultural arts activities. 

The Latest

Council takes bold, visionary step toward revitalizing City’s Downtown Core

The City Council on Tuesday unanimously passed the Core Area Vision Plan – a bold, visionary first step in addressing the economic fallout of the pandemic and revitalizing the City’s Downtown Core area to benefit this community for generations to come.

Working on this community’s behalf, the Council’s decision was based on the community’s robust feedback in the early stages of this project that helped shape the vision for a lifestyle destination connecting our civic and retail core to more restaurants, shops and cultural arts activities.

To make this happen, Council Members on Tuesday approved the options for financing the purchase of the Stein Mart site off Marguerite Parkway – the first tangible action toward implementing the community-driven vision for a walkable village, paseo, and incredible entry that connects to Oso Creek and Trail.

If you missed the meeting, watch the exciting details at this link. You can also gain a sense of the unique and historic move by watching this brief video.

The entire agenda packet can be viewed here.

Questions? Comments? Call (949) 470-3041  or email visionplan@cityofmissionviejo.org

We are excited to share the possibilities for how the Village Center North Paseo. Check it out!

Questions? Comments? Call (949) 470-3041 or email 

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